At Meleet Education Initiative, we have various programs designed to cater for various aspects of our mission. Some of our programs have taken off, while others are still evolving. With your support, we can achieve them all

Professional Learning and Development
WorkshopThis is one of our strengths. It is a program designed to provide 21st Century Learning Design Professional Learning to educators/teachers in Nigeria. It is an outreach to both in-service and pre-service educators. We implement this program through both Onsite training events and School-based Professional workshops. We also work directly with educators and provide resources and support.

School Innovations and Leadership Program
This is an MEI program targeted at engaging school leaders in the process of school and education transformation. It is designed to reach out to school leaders and provide support in terms of training, dialogue, resources, tools and partnership.

Meleet Global Education Program
This is a program designed to promote the 24/7 Model of learning and development. This is an e-learning model of learning intended to help our citizens commit to lifelong learning, acquiring varied skills ranging from IT Skills, Digital Literacy, Civic Literacy, Financial Literacy and Intelligence, Design Technology, Entrepreneurship, Employability, Online Marketing, Web Design, and Programming.

Graduate Employability and Entrepreneurship Development
ClassroomThis is a program designed to help Nigerian graduates develop marketable skills and learn the secret of developing their own business. At Meleet, we believe any economy that will thrive must create their own products and services, getting wealth in exchange for value. It is implemented through training, workshop, boot camps, and supports in all forms.

Support for Youth Initiatives
We provide all forms of support for youths who have identified a specific community development challenge to which they have a solution. This is intended to encourage youth initiatives, participation and engagement in community service and development. It is a completely humanitarian and community development program opened to all youths.

Digital Literacy and Proficiency Program
This program is designed to cater for the digital literacy needs of different categories of people, especially teachers, students and out-of-school youths. We achieve this through various on-site training events and refresher learning opportunities.

Technology in Education Program
Computer2Our Technology in Education program is aimed at supporting schools with research-based approach to deploying technology solution to ensure efficient returns on investment (ROI). We provide training, consultancy, 1:1 implementation guide, technology solution deployment and free resources to schools, teachers and students towards encouraging increasing use of technology for powering education.

Many More…
Financial Literacy and Intelligence Program

Student Innovation Program
Education Support Fund
Community Development Outreaches