ClassroomThe challenges of today are enormous and they call for proactivity, creativity and the heights of innovations. Things are changing and they are changing quite fast. At Meleet, we believe Education should not be left behind, it should change and evolve with time.

Our Key concerns are Teacher Capacity and Competence Development, Technology in Teaching and Learning, Digital Literacy and Proficiency, School Transformation and Visionary Leadership, Youth Support Initiatives and Community Development.

Meleet’s Outreach Programs are focused on bringing transformation to education in Nigeria. We want to see School leaders and teachers taking initiatives towards transforming their schools and giving their students an authentic learning experience.  We are also committed to helping youths harness their potential through technology, training, mentorship and Funding Supports. We want to help youths take initiatives toward working together as a team and solving specific community development problems, especially those relating to young people.

Meleet Education Initiatives is a subsidiary outreach of the Meleet Consults, a registered organisation with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria. It is an educational consulting, Learning and Development, and Change management Outfit.

We have a sense of responsibility towards helping schools grow, teachers improve their teaching practices and effectively integrate technology into their lessons and classroom instruction; and youths develop useful skills that can make their lives a lot better, richer and greater.

Our Innovation Team

At Meleet, we are blessed with people who know the business of education and are passionate about making positive Change happen

Samuel Aina

Samuel Aina

Lead Trainer and Consultant

Samuel Aina is the Lead Consultant at Meleet Education Initiatives. He is a passionate educator and trainer. He loves to see teachers stay updated and competent with technology tools. He has a Master in Educational Technology.
Stephen Okeowo

Stephen Okeowo

Logistics and Planning

Stephen Okeowo is a Bright, Brilliant and Energetic Educator and Speaker. He recently represented Nigeria at the Commonwealth Youth Forum at Malta. He loves education, and Innovation is his hobby. Stephen has his Master in Educational Psychology and he is in charge of MEI Logistics.
OluwaFikayo Oyewale

OluwaFikayo Oyewale

Project Management and HR

OluwaFikayo Oyewale is one versatile and innovative Team Player. He loves to write, speak and project. He naturally carries everyone along. Fikayo is a professional Project Manager and the author of ‘Be Gainfully Employed’. He has a master in Animal Science.