What is Innovative Teachers Workshop?

ITW2016Innovative Teachers Workshop is a school transformation initiative and project that is based on Meleet Global Education Program, Google Innovative Educator Program and the Microsoft in Education Partners in Learning’s Innovative Educator Program. It is a Learning Opportunity for teachers to develop skills in the design of 21st century learning activities, evaluate students’ work using the 21st century skills rubrics, collaborate with their colleagues toward improving their teaching practices, and effectively integrate technology into their classroom instruction.

Why is Innovative Teachers Workshop Necessary at this Time?

Times have changed. It is no longer sufficient to graduate students and give them certificates. Unemployment is on the rise. The economy is largely becoming a global knowledge phenomenon. Employers are looking into our graduates for skills needed for life and today’s work place. Education, Business and Political Leaders are calling for skills and competence; skills such as Collaboration, Knowledge building, ICT and Digital Proficiency, Problem solving, Creativity, Critical thinking, Design and Computational thinking, Innovations and Entrepreneurship.

Schools need to brace up and stay relevant, equipping their teachers to be able to adequately face the challenges of teaching and meet the need to help students develop requisite skills useful for life and work in the 21st century.

The Global Innovative Teaching and Learning Research has shown that students are more likely to develop 21st century skills and demonstrate them in their work when their teachers’ learning activities ask them to do so. Hence, there is a need to train teachers in the art and practice of designing and evaluating 21st century Learning Activities and projects that give students opportunities to practise and demonstrate 21st century skills and improve their learning outcomes.

Gone are the days when teachers work individually, struggling to implement new teaching practices; any professional learning opportunity that will truly influence and improve teachers’ innovation and teaching practices must give teachers the tools that will enable them work as a team towards enhancing their teaching practices, empowering their students, improving the image of their school, transform education and ultimately reshape the larger society. And that is what make Meleet Global Education Program approach unique and effective.