In the current economic climate, measuring the impact of professional development and return on investment are critical.

The Innovative Teaching and Learning research project conduct by SRI International offers insight into what kinds of professional development are required to develop innovative teaching practices.

Key findings include the following:

  • Innovative teaching practices are more likely to flourish when particular supportive conditions are in place. These conditions include:
    • Teacher collaboration that focuses on peer support and the sharing of teaching practices
    • Professional development that involves the active and direct engagement of educators, particularly in practicing and researching new teaching methods
    • A school culture that offers a common vision of innovation as well as consistent support that encourages new types of teaching
  • Innovative teaching happens more in environments where educators collaborate.
  • Innovative teaching happens more in environments where educators have access to strong programs of professional development.

This chart shows the impact of different types of professional development on educators competence:


Based on these insights, how might you shape your professional development offerings?